Erba Matta (“Crazy Grass”) is dedicated to all those who resist order and control.  Nadia Gabi and the duo Le Due nel Cappello (“Two Heads in One Hat”) harness an anti-authoritarian spirit to infuse traditional folk music with a raw and rebellious attitude.

Together they unearth traditional songs of Ticino, Switzerland and neighboring Lombardy, Italy using percussive and electric arrangements with the aim of the iconoclast: to break old images and reclaim these beautiful songs as anthems for today.

This new album is a collaboration undertaken in 2021 combining the passion of “globetrotter” artist Nadia Gabi (voice, guitar) for 1960s and 1970s folk music and, for the world music rhythms and rock beat, the gritty and versatile duo from Como, Italy:  Sara Magon (vocals, guitar, ukulele, bass ukulele) and Clara Zucchetti (vocals, ukulele, vibraphone, percussion, drums).

Traditional songs are interspersed with original compositions by Nadia Gabi with Nadia improvising on acoustic guitar and Clara on the vibraphone.

Nadia Gabi

Since childhood Nadia was drawn to the traditional music of her native Ticino, Switzerland and the neighboring and culturally equivalent region of Lombardy, Italy. From her mother, at scouting camps, at local festivals and on the radio she learned traditional songs usually accompanied by guitar and sung for generations in the Swiss and Italian Alps...

Le Due nel Cappello

Active since 2013, Sara Magon and Clara Zucchetti met during their musical studies at the Como Conservatory and began to cultivate a passion for ethnic music, combining the study of contemporary composers with popular world music. Together they performed in live music venues including opening for the concerts of Tonino Crotone and Daniele Ronda...

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